Friday, February 1, 2013

SkipTracker as Featured Product

Bionet Security's Skip Tracker is now a featured product in Professional Distributor magazines e-newsletter.  Be sure to check it out here at Professional Distributors E-Newsletter!

Bionet Security's SkipTracker Software helps stop "skips" in their tracks. Using biometric technology, SkipTracker uses fingerprints as well as photo images for identifying customers. Any customer who skips on their tool bill can be easily marked in the system as a "SKIP". So when that customer attempts to open an account on any other truck the original distributor receives notification, via text and internal system messaging, giving the whereabouts of their "Skipped" customer. By swiping a customer's finger, you can find out past and current account information, as well as feedback left by other tool distributors using our 5 star rating system.

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